Welcome to LUSPA

The Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority is a service delivery agency under the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI). In addition to the Head office in Accra, we have offices in all 16 regions. We operate at the National and Regional levels. At the District level, LUSPA provides technical guidance for the Physical Planning Department of the MMDAs under Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD)

We are responsible for ensuring the sustainable development of land and human settlements through a decentralized planning system, ensuring judicious use of land and creating an enabling environment for District Assemblies to better perform the spatial planning and human settlement management functions.


Preparation of Spatial Plans

We prepare Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs), Structure Plans (SP) and Local Plans (LP) to guide development

Spatial Planning Services

We perform spatial plan extracts, provide technical advise and produce planning comments and reports

Provide Planning Direction

We develop planning laws, regulations, guidelines, manuals and detailed instruction to guide spatial planning

Capacity Building

We provide capacity building for MMDAs and other institutions

Regulate Planning

We regulate and monitor spatial planning activities at all levels

Public Education

We educate the public and create awareness on planning related issues

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